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T-M50-NG 380,000 BTU Natural Gas Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heater

T-M50-NG 380,000 BTU Natural Gas Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heater

T-M50-NG 380,000 BTU Natural Gas Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heater
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T-M50-NG (380,000 BTU Natural Gas Non-Condensing Tankless  Hot Water Heater)
The T-M50-N Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. It is the largest Takagi instant and endless hot on-demand tankless water heater yet, and the most powerful (14.5 GPM max) in the tankless industry! The T-M50-NG is suitable for commercial applications (hotels, restaurants, government, convalescent homes, etc.) that require high demand and the most durable of tankless hot water heaters. Along with commerical grade copper alloy, the Takagi T-M50 Series is the only commercial unit in the industry that offers a "dual-combustion system," providing redundancy for added reliability.
Number of showers this tankless on-demand residential and commercial water heater can handle, depending on ground water temperature.

Warmer Climates 

Cooler Climates 

The T-M50-NG tankless Natural Gas Takagi on demand tankless water heater supplies hot water to domestic hot water systems (directly or indirectly) which can be used with storage tanks, recirculation systems, hydronic heating systems, radiant floor systems, and/or domestic & heating applications.
The T-M50-N is a fully modulating, gas fired, tankless on demand water heater perfect for heavy-duty commercial applications. The T-M50-NG can produce enough hot water for six bathrooms in warmer climates. An ASME version is also available.
Thicker heat exchanger drum and utilizes commerical grade (heat-resistant) copper for the heat exchanger tubing. Incorporates a dual system for redundancy, providing added assurance that the energy efficient T-M50 Series will remain operational. Includes an internal pump control port. Easy- Link System capable up to 4 units. Multi-Unit System capable up to 10 units.
  • Heat exchanger utilizes commercial-grade copper alloy
  • Dual heat exchanger design provides redundancy for added reliability, an industry exclusive
  • NSF certified for commercial applications
  • Internal pump control port
  • Easy-Link up to four units without a Multi-Unit Controller
  • Multi-Link up to 10 units with a Multi-Unit Controller
  • Venting with Category III stainless steel
  • Safety features include freeze, overheat, surge protection, and troubleshooting diagnostic codes
  • 15-year limited heat exchanger, 5 yrs limited parts Residential use
  • 5-year limited heat exchanger, 5 yrs limited parts Commercial use

Tech Specs

Emissions: Low NOx
Maximum BTUs: 380,000
Minimum BTUs: 19,500
Water Connection Location: Bottom
Water Connection: 3/4"
Flow Rate: 14.50
Heat Exchanger: Copper
Voltage: AC 120V
Thermal Efficiency: 0.82
ENERGY STAR® Qualified: No
LEED Rating: 0.0
Remote Control: No
Technology: Non-Condensing
Multilink: Yes

Dimensions & Venting

Height: 24.88"
Width: 25.25"
Depth: 12.25"
Product Weight: 113 lbs.
Vent Type: Direct Vent
Vent Size: 5"