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All Packages Now Proudly Shipped with UPS Flex Partial Insurance! 

Shipping Policy

We offer reliable two day and ground shipping throughout North America. We use a UPC calculator to accurately calculate shipping costs. In stock products purchased before 2:30 PM PT Monday - Friday are shipped that day, with the exception of Federal Holidays. In stock products purchased after 2:30 PM PT, will either be shipped that day or the fallowing business day. All products are now proudly shipped and covered with UPS’s top-rated Flex Partial at our expense. (Ground shipping time range from 2 – 10 days depending on your location.)
If you do not know for sure whether or not you want or need the tankless heater or whether it will fit, can be installed properly, or anything else that may cause you to want to return or exchange the tankless water heater you are about to buy, do not order. You may want to buy locally in case you want or need to easily return or exchange it, without having to pay a bunch of shipping. If you know you need a water heater, know what you want and need, and are just looking for a good deal, order after reading the below policies and if you have any questions give us a call and we will be happy to clear up any confusion before you buy,
Refund and Exchange Policy for Damaged Products:
Each item ordered from this site is shipped with UPS Flex Partial Insurance. Flex Partial Insurance provides loss, theft and damage protection. If an item shows up damaged a claim has to be filed within 72 hours of its delivery. If box shows up damaged please check the products and report any damage as soon as you can by providing an email and photos to If it has been more than 72 hours after a package is received a claim cannot be filed.  UPS will provide compensation only after going through the claim process. We will provide all documentation and help with UPS claims in any way we are needed to. The customer must also provide UPS access to the package and allow them to inspect it. is not responsible for broken, defective or damaged products. All units ordered from this site are covered by Takagi's manufacture warranty. Broken and defective units are able to be replaced only after calling Takagi tech support, and getting a case #. Takagi Tech Support: 1-888-882-5244. does not provide refunds, exchanges or returns for damaged products including but not limited to dents, scratches, scrapes and smudges to unit's covers. Takagi tankless water heaters and installation products ordered from this site are brand new when they are picked up by UPS. If the units or installation products ordered from this site are broken, lost, stolen or damaged during the shipping process the customer and shipper are responsible. A claim must be filed. 

We do everything we can to ship these units and installation products as safely and securely as possible to try to get them to our customers without damage. This is very important to us and is the reason we bubble wrap each of the units in addition to heavy foam padding.  If you received a unit with a damaged cover this does not void the manufacture warranty. All units are brand new and fully covered by the warranty. Install the unit, and if there are issues with the tankless water heater contact Takagi customer support at 
1-888-882-5244. All warranty and exchanges for defective products must be done through contacting Takagi customer support directly. If the unit needs to have parts replaced, or the unit exchanged, it will be done through Takagi and the unit's warranty, after the unit has been installed and tested with Takagi tech support, not through does not directly provide warranty support or replacement products, without a Takagi Case #.
Refund and Exchange Policy for Lost and Stolen Packages is not responsible for lost or stolen products/packages. does not provide refunds, exchanges or returns for lost or stolen products/packages. (Claims have to be filed through UPS)
Customers and the shipper are responsible for lost and stolen products once they are picked up by UPS. If products are lost or stolen while being shipped, and do not get delivered, their value has been declared at our expense. UPS will provide compensation after going through the claim process. We will provide all documentation and help with UPS claims in any way we are needed to. UPS will not provide compensation for theft of packages once they are dropped off or delivered. We strongly recommend customers are there and sign for the packages to prevent theft.
Cancelled Orders Refund and Exchange Policy: cannot cancel orders or provide full refunds or returns for any reason once the products are shipped.
If a customer places an order and decides before the unit is picked up by the shipper that they would like to cancel their order, they can by calling us at 206-473-9836 .
If you just placed an order and have not yet received your UPS tracking code, if you call to request to cancel it and get our voice message service please leave your name, the unit/model # you ordered, and best phone # to call you back at.
As long as the unit has not been shipped the transaction will be void. However, once the unit is picked up by the shipper we are not able to provide a refund  for the shipping charges and have to charge a credit card processing fee/restocking fee. 
General Refund and Exchange Policy:
Customers are responsible to order the correct unit and installation products. If you are not sure which Takagi tankless on-demand water heater is best for you, make sure to research, or call with you questions and we will be more than happy to help make sure you select the best unit for your needs. Even if the customer calls it is their responsibility to order the correct unit, as we can only go off the information we are given.
If the customer accidentally orders the incorrect unit or installation products and would like to return or exchange them, we can do that, but at the customer’s expense and a $30 restocking fee on Gas and Propane tankless water heaters and a $15 restocking fee for installation products for returns. There is not restocking fee for exchanges. The customer is responsible for setting up and paying for the return shipping. Once scheduled, customers need to email the tracking code to After we receive the unit it will be inspected. Any units damaged, missing parts, or installed will be rejected and shipped back to the customer at their expense. This includes dents, scrapes and other cosmetic damage the unit may have suffered while being shipped.
We cannot schedule the shipping for the replacement unit or issue a refund until the original unit is received, inspected and passes as complete, undamaged and not installed. If the customer would like the replacement unit sent before the original unit is received and inspected, they would need to buy the unit as a separate transaction. For exchanges once inspected the customer will then pay or be refunded any price difference, as well as the shipping of the new unit, before we can ship it. For returns the customer will have their card refunded the price of the product minus the $15 or 30 restocking fee. We cannot provide refunds for shipping costs. If your unit came with free shipping, we still had to pay for shipping. That shipping cost is not refundable and will come out of the refund.
Exchange Policy If We Sent the Wrong Unit or Product: provides exchanges at our expense only if we shipped a unit and/or installation products that are different from what is on the customer’s order. We do not provide refunds, but will exchange the incorrectly shipped unit or products for the correct one, at our shipping expense and do not charge a restocking fee.
If you received a product that is different from what you ordered, please call us at 206-473-9836.
When calling have the name of the customer who ordered and email a photo of the incorrect unit’s model # or installation product to, so we can verify the product in question is different from what was ordered.
Once we verify the mistake we will schedule and pay for the pickup of that incorrect product and ship the product that was ordered. When UPS delivers the correct unit they will pick up the unit we sent incorrectly.
Return Address: 6915 S 194th St Kent WA, 98032
Defective Units or Units Needing Service
If you receive you unit that is defective or if you bought a unit and you are now receiving an error code, please contact Takagi tech support. All warranty and exchanges for broken or damaged products must be done through contacting Takagi customer support. They will provide you a case number and first try walking you through some trouble shooting steps. If you are not able to resolve the issues with your tech support professional, they may need to speak with your qualified installer, before providing warranty service or exchange. If your unit needs to be serviced or replaced Takagi tech support has to first provide us with confirmation. We are not able to refund or return defective units, it has to be done though Takagi customer support.
It is also a good idea to register your product at, which you can do by clicking this link: Takagi Product Registration
Takagi Customer Service / Tech Support:  1-800-432-8373